Stin heart with Bill and Laurieeveral years ago, Bill and Laurie Kilpatrick were looking for a new business idea.

Between them they had worked in many fields, from advertising to DeeJaying, from running a hair salon to working as a nurse. They came to Fredericksburg with the idea of conducting tours of the historic community.

They called it the Choo Choo Trolley.

chimineaOn one trip to Laredo, Bill brought back a chimenea. He sold it. So on his next trip he brought back two chimeneas, and sold them. He quickly figured out this was a needed service.

So Bill and Laurie changed the name to the Choo Choo Patio Shoppe, rented space at their current location, and opened the doors with one room of merchandise. The people came. And came and continued to come as they discovered the unique and wonderful items that they couldn’t find anywhere else.

sun face knocked outOver the years, Bill and Laurie expanded their store by opening more and more rooms, until today they have completely filled every room and every inch of the large outdoor yard. Drive by the Choo Choo Patio Shoppe and you will see new and wonderful items nearly spilling out onto the sidewalks.

There is still no way to categorize the thousands and thousands of items you will find. But as you wander through the aisles and aisles of pottery, wall hangings, furniture, decor, accessories, and yes, chimeneas, you will still feel as if you were on a wonderful tour of the best that Fredericksburg has to offer.