Comments from out Guestbook. People LOVE the ChooChoo!

“Thank you for the Xmas, Bday, & Anniversary gifts! We had a blast!”
“One of our favorite shops in Fredericksburg!”
“Finally!! Different stuff!”
“Awesome shop–best in town!”
“Love this place. Can’t wait for my patio!”
“Love it all! Soooooooooo much fun!”
“Wonderful place! Will be back next time with a trailer or 2.”
“Best store in Fredericksburg. We’ll be back.”
“I love this place. We couldn’t leave without something.”
“I could wander around and look at stuff all day!! Amazing.”
“This place is awesome! I love it!!!!”
“Incredible place!! ‘Dog’ is awesome…”
“What a fantastic place!! Sooo much to choose from and at great prices. Love it!”
“Thanks for helping us finish up some of our Xmas shopping… in August!”